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My IRONMAN 140.6

    “You are an IRONMAN!” These four words go through your ears and directly to your heart! It is hard to explain the feelings you have while running on the red carpet the last 20 meters of a 140.6 miles race and hearing for the first time the famous words: “You are an IRONMAN”. I can’t remember how many times I played this scene in my head anticipating the moment. But it was different, awesomely different! As my first long distance… Read More »My IRONMAN 140.6

    SaaS – a safer choice for SMBs

      I had many opportunities to talk to stakeholders in different organizations, big and small, about software as a service and cloud services in general. A typical major concern is security. People usually fear what they don’t understand or what they perceive outsider their control. Questions like “where my data sits?” or “who has access to my data?” are reasonable and must be addressed properly by the service provider in order to win customer trust. But I firmly believe an average… Read More »SaaS – a safer choice for SMBs

      Grown-up games

        Playing is an essential activity for human development. By playing children develop skills from the simplest to very complex ones. But the role of playing is not limited to childhood, on the contrary, it transitions to adult life and it continues to be part of human life until the end. I dare to say that the one who forget to play from time to time, give up a great personal development tool. For example, last week I rediscovered a game… Read More »Grown-up games