How Justin Welsh Built a Successful Solopreneur Business

Justin Welsh is successful solopreneur.

“Don’t you know who Justin Welsh is?” a former colleague asked me a while ago. As I immersed myself in the world of content creation I came to know Justin and his work pretty well. My approach to content creation was probably influenced by Justin Welsh more than anyone else. He is a remarkable example of how one can successfully transition from being broke to a high-flying corporate career and to a thriving solopreneur business. After spending over a decade in influential roles at companies like ZocDoc and PatientPop, Justin made the bold decision in 2019 to leave his secure corporate job and pursue a more fulfilling, autonomous career.

During his corporate years, Justin played a key role in driving substantial growth for the companies he worked with. However, corporate life left him yearning for more control over his time and the impact of his work. This led to his decision to explore solopreneurship—a path where he could leverage his extensive knowledge and skills while enjoying the flexibility and freedom of working independently. This change was driven by a desire for a more intentional lifestyle, prompting him and his wife to move to the serene environment of the Catskill Mountains​.

Justin Welsh’s Solopreneur Journey

In August 2019, Justin embarked on his solopreneur journey, focusing on creating and selling digital courses. He quickly identified a gap in the market for concise, actionable knowledge that could help professionals succeed in their careers. His offerings, “Content OS”, “LinkedIn OS” and the more recent “Creator MBA”, provide structured systems for creating high-quality content consistently and building a personal brand on LinkedIn​.

Welsh’s first step – which he also recommends to any aspiring solopreneur – was to understand the key pain points of his potential audience. Many professionals struggled with content creation and personal branding on LinkedIn. By identifying and addressing these needs he attracted a dedicated following eager for his insights. This understanding of the audience’s challenges was crucial in shaping his content and ensuring its relevance.

Challenges and Breakthroughs

Justin’s approach to content creation is characterized by simplicity and authenticity. He deliberately avoided flashy production values, focusing instead on straightforwardly delivering valuable content. This authenticity resonated with his audience, leading to impressive completion rates for his courses. His dedication to understanding and addressing his audience’s needs allowed him to continuously refine his offerings​.

One significant challenge Justin Welsh faced was maintaining engagement and interest over time. To overcome this, he regularly interacted with his followers, responding to their questions and feedback. This ongoing dialogue helped him stay connected with his audience and adapt his content to their evolving needs. His transparency and willingness to share both successes and failures fostered a strong sense of community among his followers.

Welsh’s Social Media Mastery

Justin’s consistent posting on LinkedIn and Twitter played a crucial role in growing his following. His strategy included daily content sharing, engaging with followers, and directly addressing their pain points. By 2022, Justin Welsh’s LinkedIn impressions had reached over 118 million, with significant engagement and website traffic driven by his social media activities​.

On LinkedIn, Justin posted unique content daily, sharing insights, tips, and personal anecdotes that resonated with his audience. His Twitter strategy involved frequent posting and engagement, which helped him grow his following from 8K to over 325K in just 16 months. This relentless focus on content consistency and audience engagement paid off, driving significant traffic to his website and courses.

Revenue Streams and Monetization

I enrolled in Welsh’s “Content OS” course and I loved that it was designed to be concise and actionable. Justin recognized that busy professionals needed quick, impactful learning experiences rather than lengthy, time-consuming courses. His courses were under two hours and that ensured high completion rates. The positive feedback from participants​ and testimonials are used to promote the courses and provide reassurance to prospects.

In addition to courses, Justin diversified his revenue streams by offering coaching, consulting, and paid community memberships. This multi-faceted approach allowed him to tap into different segments of his audience and provide value in various formats.

The Key to Justin Welsh’s Success

Understanding the Audience: Justin’s success hinges on his deep understanding of his audience’s needs and challenges. He continuously engages with them to refine his offerings. For example, he conducts polls and surveys on LinkedIn and Twitter to gather insights directly from his followers. This data-driven approach helps him stay attuned to their preferences and pain points, enabling him to create content and products that resonate deeply.

Content Consistency: Regularly producing valuable content has been a cornerstone of Welsh’s strategy. He posts daily on social media, ensuring a constant presence and building a loyal following. This consistent engagement helps maintain interest and drives traffic to his courses and products. Justin’s content strategy is meticulously planned – he details his systems in the Content OS course – with a focus on providing practical, actionable advice. By consistently delivering high-quality content, he has built a reputation as a trusted authority in the solopreneurship space.

Simplified Operations: Using integrated platforms like Kajabi allowed Justin Welsh to streamline his operations significantly. By consolidating his tools under one platform, he increased efficiency and focused more on content creation and audience engagement. Kajabi’s all-in-one functionality enabled Justin to manage his website, email marketing, and course delivery seamlessly. This streamlined approach reduced administrative overhead and allowed him to concentrate on what he does best—creating and sharing valuable content.

Insights from Justin’s Daily Routine

Occasionally Justin shares insights from his routine. These are the 5 daily non-negotiable that help him be productive while maintaining balance:

Writing for 90+ minutes: Welsh starts his day early with a dedicated writing session. This period is reserved for creating content, developing course material, and drafting new ideas. Writing early in the morning helps him focus without distractions.

Walking for 75+ minutes: After his writing session, Welsh goes for a long walk. This not only serves as physical exercise but also gives him time to think and reflect on his work and goals. Walking outdoors can help clear his mind and stimulate creativity.

Making lunch with his wife: Justin values spending quality time with his wife. Making lunch together allows them to connect and share a meal, providing a mental break and enhancing their relationship.

Helping his customers win: The afternoons are dedicated to interacting with his customers. This involves responding to emails, conducting coaching sessions, and engaging with his audience on social media. Justin finds fulfillment in helping others succeed and ensuring his customers have the support they need.

Having a beautiful glass of wine: Justin concludes his day by relaxing with a glass of wine. This ritual signifies the end of his workday and helps him unwind. It’s a simple pleasure that he looks forward to.

Justin Welsh’s routine reflects his commitment to balance and productivity. By focusing on activities that bring him joy and fulfillment, he can maintain high energy levels and stay motivated. Additionally, he is determined to eliminate, automate, or delegate almost everything else, allowing him to concentrate on what truly matters.

Five Lessons Learned from Justin Welsh

Authenticity and Relatability: Justin Welsh’s success is partly due to his genuine and relatable approach. He straightforwardly shares his knowledge, without the need for flashy production. This has built trust with his audience and increased engagement. For instance, he often shares personal stories and experiences, highlighting both successes and failures. This transparency fosters a sense of connection with his audience, as they see him as a real person who understands their struggles and aspirations.

Focus on Value: Justin emphasizes delivering real value in his courses and content. He ensures that every piece of content addresses a specific need or challenge faced by his audience, making his offerings highly relevant and useful. His courses are designed to provide immediate, practical benefits, with clear, actionable steps that participants can implement right away. This focus on tangible outcomes has earned him a loyal following and high course completion rates.

Engagement and Feedback: Actively engaging with his audience and seeking their feedback has been crucial. This not only helps in refining his products but also builds a strong community around his brand. Welsh’s engagement strategy includes responding to comments, direct messages, and emails, as well as participating in online discussions. This active presence reinforces his commitment to his audience and enhances his credibility.

Building a Personal Brand: Justin’s success is closely tied to his strong personal brand. He positions himself as a thought leader in the solopreneurship space, sharing insights and advice that resonate with his target audience. This branding effort extends beyond social media to include his website, courses, and public speaking engagements.

Scalability and Automation: To ensure scalability, Justin Welsh has implemented various automation tools for marketing, sales, and customer support. This allows him to manage a large audience and customer base without compromising on the quality of engagement and support.

Justin Welsh’s journey from a corporate executive to a successful solopreneur illustrates the power of leveraging personal expertise and social media to build a thriving one-person business. His story provides actionable insights and inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to achieve similar success. By focusing on authenticity, value, and continuous engagement, Justin has built a multi-million-dollar empire that continues to grow.