Five reasons to love working in Product Marketing

Product Marketers

If you are contemplating the idea of a role in product marketing, this blog is for you. I will share the top five reasons why this career is so rewarding, using examples from my own experience as a product marketing manager in the cybersecurity industry, at Bitdefender. 

This is a challenging but fulfilling field that plays a crucial role in the success of a product and ultimately the growth of a business. While the Product Manager (PM) is generally responsible for building the product (go-to-product), the Product Marketing Manager (PMM) is in charge of taking the product to the target market and potential customers (go-to-market). The responsibilities typically include market research, product positioning, creating messaging and assets, and leading product launches and awareness campaigns.

Everyone’s experience with the role is different and it depends not only on the industry and company culture but also quite a bit on the personality of the individual and on the structure of the team. While the bits and bolts of the role might not be so interesting, I will use as examples a couple of highlights from my own experience.

So, after the long introduction, here are the top five reasons for loving this job:

Reason #1: Making a real impact on the business and leading the global go-to-market effort

Product marketing management is not just about creating and launching products, it’s about making a real impact on the business. PMMs play a critical role in driving product adoption and ultimately the growth of the business. From market segmentation, product positioning, and messaging, to creating content, to sales training, to launching and promoting a new product, they have the opportunity to make a real impact on the bottom line of the company.,

As a PMM, I have been able to work closely with internal stakeholders (like the product management, marketing, and sales team) and external parties (like business partners and industry analysts) to develop and implement global go-to-market strategies that drive the growth of the product and contribute to the overall success of the business. It is both challenging and exciting to draft and lead the execution of the product marketing strategy, but the effort pays off. It’s highly rewarding to see that your skills, experience, and hard work have a positive impact on the business.

Reason #2: Building and nurturing relationships with customers

Another great aspect of being a product marketer is the opportunity to build and nurture relationships with customers. PMMs are responsible for understanding the needs and pain points of potential customers and using that insight to inform product development roadmap and go-to-market strategies. This means that constant communication with customers is needed, through surveys, interviews, and other feedback mechanisms, to understand the market and create products that truly meet the needs of their target audience. For example, at Bitdefender, I have had the opportunity to work with customers from various industries and backgrounds, which has allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the cybersecurity market and the needs of businesses around the world.

Reason #3: The integrating role of product marketing and collaboration with other teams

Product marketing is a leading and integrating role that involves working closely with multiple teams from within and outside of the organization. PMMs bridge product management, sales, digital marketing, channel marketing, content marketing, brand marketing, and customer success teams. They also link the inside teams with the outside world by having a deep understanding of their industry and customers’ needs.

At Bitdefender, product marketing managers collaborate with cross-functional teams to develop and implement effective product marketing strategies. One of the primary partners within the organization is the product management team. They help PMMs understand the product features and benefits, enabling the PMMs to translate those into compelling value propositions for the target customers. The PMs also benefit from this partnership to learn about the customers and market conditions and incorporate this information into their product roadmap. 

Besides Product Management, I enjoyed collaborating with the sales team to create sales enablement materials and support them in closing deals. Additionally, the PMM works with digital marketing, channel teams, content marketing, and brand marketing to create and execute campaigns that drive awareness and lead generation. Finally, through the customer success team product marketing gathers customer feedback and triggers improvement on the product based on customer needs.

Reason #4: Opportunities for personal and professional growth

Product marketing is a field that offers a wealth of opportunities for personal and professional growth. The nature of the job and the rapid pace of technology require PMMs to continuously learn and adapt. Organizations that have a culture of continuous learning and development provide a great environment for the personal and professional growth of a product marketer. I have had the chance to experiment with many strategies and tactics and that allowed me to find what works for the organization and for me. For example, I enjoyed the opportunity to regularly deliver live webinars to global audiences.

Reason #5: Connecting product marketing with growth marketing

I said it before but is worth repeating it: product marketing plays a crucial role in driving growth for a business. PMMs are responsible for identifying target markets, understanding the needs of customers, and developing effective strategies to reach and connect with potential customers. This process is at the core of growth marketing. Throughout my career, I have used these product marketing strategies and tactics to drive growth and increase customer acquisition and retention.

Though product marketing and growth marketing are closely related and often overlap, there is a subtle difference between them. Product marketing is more focused on the long run and the strategic positioning of the product in the market, growth marketing is more about the tactics that enable the immediate growth of the company. However, both are essential for the success of a company.


A career in product marketing is both challenging and rewarding. From building relationships with customers to leading global go-to-market efforts to opportunities for personal and professional growth to making a real impact on the business, to connecting product marketing with growth marketing, product marketing offers a wide range of opportunities for those who are passionate about technology, innovation, and growth.

Product marketing is a fast-moving field that requires a combination of technical and marketing skills, creativity, and strategic thinking. If you are considering a career in product marketing, I would encourage you to learn more about the field, talk to other product marketers, and even gain hands-on experience through internships or part-time work. Feel free to drop me a message on LinkedIn and I would gladly help with more insights and recommendations.