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Product Marketers

Five reasons to love working in Product Marketing

    If you are contemplating the idea of a role in product marketing, this blog is for you. I will share the top five reasons why this career is so rewarding, using examples from my own experience as a product marketing manager in the cybersecurity industry, at Bitdefender.  This is a challenging but fulfilling field that plays a crucial role in the success of a product and ultimately the growth of a business. While the Product Manager (PM) is generally responsible… Read More »Five reasons to love working in Product Marketing

    Grown-up games

      Playing is an essential activity for human development. By playing children develop skills from the simplest to very complex ones. But the role of playing is not limited to childhood, on the contrary, it transitions to adult life and it continues to be part of human life until the end. I dare to say that the one who forget to play from time to time, give up a great personal development tool. For example, last week I rediscovered a game… Read More »Grown-up games

      Social networks influence on career

        We live in a hyper-connected world. Communications technology has changed the face of many industries and one of the areas significantly influenced the jobs market. Most of us enjoy the benefits of online recruitment sites through which we have access to almost all possible and impossible jobs available today in the world. There are also websites where you can find employees feedback on the companies they work for. Obviously, these are exaggerations, especially negative ones, but if you can read… Read More »Social networks influence on career