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Top 5+1 lessons of 2020

    The year 2020 is over and many of us would like to forget it as quickly as possible. We all hope for a better 2021 but, with all the hardship, 2020 was an extraordinary year and it delivered us some valuable life lessons. Here is what I’ve learned in the last 12 months: Black Swans do exist! From time to time unexpected events just happen. The 2008 economic crisis was such an event and the Covid-19 pandemic is a black… Read More »Top 5+1 lessons of 2020

    My IRONMAN 140.6

      “You are an IRONMAN!” These four words go through your ears and directly to your heart! It is hard to explain the feelings you have while running on the red carpet the last 20 meters of a 140.6 miles race and hearing for the first time the famous words: “You are an IRONMAN”. I can’t remember how many times I played this scene in my head anticipating the moment. But it was different, awesomely different! As my first long distance… Read More »My IRONMAN 140.6

      Grown-up games

        Playing is an essential activity for human development. By playing children develop skills from the simplest to very complex ones. But the role of playing is not limited to childhood, on the contrary, it transitions to adult life and it continues to be part of human life until the end. I dare to say that the one who forget to play from time to time, give up a great personal development tool. For example, last week I rediscovered a game… Read More »Grown-up games

        The Effective Executive, by Peter Drucker – Book Review

          About the Author Born in Austria in 1909, Peter Drucker is one of the most influential business writers of the 20th century. He taught management beginning with 1950 until 2005 (when he died) at New York University and Claremont Graduate University. He wrote more than 30 books on business and management, most of them translated in over 20 languages. BusinessWeek Magazine called him: “the man who invented management”. Book description The first edition of “The Effective Executive” appeared in 1966… Read More »The Effective Executive, by Peter Drucker – Book Review

          Videoconferencing for businesses

            I worked several years in a position that required me to travel quite frequently. I enjoyed the opportunity to visit many places that I would have never visited on vacation, but I also had to accept disadvantages not always easy to overlooked. Those who travel often for business purposes are aware of these disadvantages: broken plans, frustrations of the family, life or health risks, fatigue, missed important moments, etc.. In the last weeks I worked on a project about the… Read More »Videoconferencing for businesses

            Pen and paper

              I do not know how many of you are familiar with the phrase “Death by PowePoint”. In a few words, it’s the terrible boredom that the audience of a slides based presentation must endure most of the times. As my brother said one day, many presentations have the “Point” but are lacking the “Power”. Not long ago, while looking for some materials needed for a presentation I found a very interesting book, “Presentation Zen” written by Garr Reynolds, which, in… Read More »Pen and paper

              Social networks influence on career

                We live in a hyper-connected world. Communications technology has changed the face of many industries and one of the areas significantly influenced the jobs market. Most of us enjoy the benefits of online recruitment sites through which we have access to almost all possible and impossible jobs available today in the world. There are also websites where you can find employees feedback on the companies they work for. Obviously, these are exaggerations, especially negative ones, but if you can read… Read More »Social networks influence on career