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January 2011

The Dark Cloud of Cloud Computing

    How Cloud Computing changed the face of brute-force attacks. Cloud Computing is the phrase that we loved last year. I don’t think there is any IT conference where the Cloud Computing topic misses completely the agenda. It’s a new paradigm that attempts to solve many of the existing IT problems. There are many advantages for the cloud and I just want to mention: scalability, flexibility, accessibility, redundancy, extraordinary capacity, predictable costs that go to OPEX not CAPEX. The Cloud promises.… Read More »The Dark Cloud of Cloud Computing

    Protecting Online Identity

      Information is power. It has always been, but in the digital information age this statement is truer than ever. What is your name, when where you were born, who is your family, where you live, what schools have you done, where you worked, where you spend your holidays, where you shop and what you like to buy, what color you prefer, how you call your dog (or your cat), who are your friends, etc … All this information put together… Read More »Protecting Online Identity