Relationships and Influence

Year 2011 is running out fast and it’s the time for evaluations. In this period, the majority of the companies are organizing different sort of events for customers, partners or employees. Thousands of emails are being sent and the managers are sending the “standard” holidays messages to their subordinates. Unfortunately the majority of these actions are superficial, they are party of the business etiquette. Everybody knows it and people don’t really pay to much attention to these messages.

Although, I consider appropriate to communicate appreciation and last week I had an interesting thought related to this subject. What if I take this business practice to personal level? I am thinking to the people I related to this year, which of them influenced my life in a considerable way? Who helped me grow? Who brought positive changes to my life? I like categories so, I split the influence in 3 categories: personal, spiritual and professional. Now, I have to choose the VIP for each of these chapters and to find the right way to show them my gratitude.

Going one step further, I have to ask the following question: Who did I influenced this year and in what way? Is anybody a better person also because of me? Did anybody achieved success, be it personal, spiritual or professional, with my support? One of the problems of our society is the lack of good models, the lack of valuable human landmarks. Even worse, the models and values heavily promoted in media are non-values.

We are social beings. We can develop in healthy way only in the presence of other people. I think we should seriously consider the relations we have. We have to evaluate them and evaluate ourselves. We need to limit the negative influences on us, we have to treasure the people who lift us and I believe it is a wonderful thing to show them our appreciation. And, I also think we have to learn to be models for the people around us. We are responsible for the influence we are having to the world around, be it good or bad. I encourage you to think for a few minutes on this topic when you’ll evaluate year 2011. Happy holidays and many blessings for the year to come!

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