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Highlights on IT Industry for 2016

It’s quite a while since I wrote the latest post and this year I set a target for myself to be more focused on what I read and to write more. To keep the long story short, I will resume … Continue reading

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Grown-up games

Playing is an essential activity for human development. By playing children develop skills from the simplest to very complex ones. But the role of playing is not limited to childhood, on the contrary, it transitions to adult life and it … Continue reading

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The Effective Executive, by Peter Drucker – Book Review

About the Author Born in Austria in 1909, Peter Drucker is one of the most influential business writers of the 20th century. He taught management beginning with 1950 until 2005 (when he died) at New York University and Claremont Graduate … Continue reading

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Apple is loosing the supremacy

This posts starts from an article I recently read, according to which, Apple was granted with a patent on using applications during calls. I have never been an Apple follower and most probably I will not become one very soon. … Continue reading

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Relationships and Influence

Year 2011 is running out fast and it’s the time for evaluations. In this period, the majority of the companies are organizing different sort of events for customers, partners or employees. Thousands of emails are being sent and the managers … Continue reading

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Videoconferencing for businesses

I worked several years in a position that required me to travel quite frequently. I enjoyed the opportunity to visit many places that I would have never visited on vacation, but I also had to accept disadvantages not always easy … Continue reading

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Pen and paper

I do not know how many of you are familiar with the phrase “Death by PowePoint”. In a few words, it’s the terrible boredom that the audience of a slides based presentation must endure most of the times. As my … Continue reading

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